Entries by Caroline Hewitt

A Smooth Path for Onboarding New AON Practices

When an oncology practice joins AON, how clinical and administrative operations are brought under the AON umbrella can have a significant and long-term impact on staff, clinician, patient, and community satisfaction. To help ensure a positive and smooth experience, AON’s transition team leverages its deep experience and proven processes to anticipate obstacles and clear hurdles with minimal disruption to day-to-day clinic operations.

AON Partnership Lets Messino Cancer Centers Maintain Independence and Achieve Expansion Goals

Founded by Michael Messino, M.D., Messino Cancer Centers (MCC) in western North Carolina provides treatment for adults diagnosed with all types of cancers and blood disorders. The physicians have a 30-year history of providing high-quality, research-backed, personalized care to patients in the community setting—close to their loved ones and where they live and work.

The Benefits of Clinical Trials at Community Practices

Clinical trials are essential to advancements in treating — and ultimately eradicating — cancer. And patient participation is key to ensuring their efficacy and accuracy. The best way to make patients feel more comfortable enrolling in trials is participation by community oncology practices, which allows them to take part in trials close to home and alongside nurses and physicians who they already know and trust.

The Crucial Role Nurses Play in Oncology

Nurses play an essential role in oncology care, especially throughout the community-based clinics that make up American Oncology Network. While the role of an oncology nurse has expanded and changed over the years, one thing remains constant: the complete commitment and compassion they have for each patient they help treat.