• Testimonials

    Gain insights from physician and practice administrator peers and learn how partnering with AON can help your practice remain independent and thrive.

“Working with AON has given us access to additional practice management expertise, helping us to grow and maintain a strong and viable practice. In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, the support that we receive is critical in driving our practice forward.”
Gerald Patrick Miletello, MDHematology/Oncology Clinc
Rangappa Rajendra, MD, Oncology/Hematology of Loudoun and Reston
“Working with AON has brought additional benefits to my colleagues and me, and ultimately our patients. Our practice has gained access to value-based contracting expertise, as well as enhanced services such as pathology and oral oncolytic pharmacy. Patients have access to an experienced Care Management team for assistance between visits. It’s services such as these that help us to ensure our patients receive the best possible care and experience.”
Rangappa Rajendra, MDOncology/Hematology of Loudoun and Reston
Christine Pfaff, RPh, Associate Practice Director, Zangmeister Cancer Center
“AON’s ability to aggregate size and scale has helped to provide us with the most competitive and attentive vendor services and drug pricing. Being part of competitive national contracts, we are able to take advantage of lower pricing for medical supplies and maintenance. We have seen significant cost savings in other key areas as well, including malpractice insurance, and employee and physician benefits.”
Christine Pfaff, RPh, Associate Practice DirectorZangmeister Cancer Center
Stephen “Fred” Divers, MD, Genesis Cancer Center
“One nice part about AON is that it allows you to have access to revenue from pathology and flow cytometry and whatever else that you may be missing. It also improves the quality because the people we have selected and hired are world-class talent.”
Stephen “Fred” Divers, MDGenesis Cancer and Blood Institute
Taral Patel, MD, Zangmeister Cancer Center
“Continuing to be physician-led and governed gives us the ability to voice our concerns and have those concerns addressed. Above all it helps us to maintain our independence. With AON we have practice autonomy; our practice continues to maintain control over staffing and schedules and decisions about when to add new physicians, etc. We leverage AON as a resource but, ultimately, what we implement in the practice is up to us — we make the final decision.”
Taral Patel, MDZangmeister Cancer Center
Michael Castine III, MD, Hematology/Oncology Clinic
“Since joining AON, our practice has seen enhanced results through adoption of best practices and access to increased resources, thanks to efficient and effective centralized services such as revenue cycle, purchasing, IT, legal, HR, accounting, finance, credentialing, compliance, and marketing. And through centralized ancillaries such as clinical lab, pathology and oral oncolytic pharmacy, AON helps us take care of our business so we can focus on our patients.”
Michael Castine III, MDHematology/Oncology Clinic