• Technology Tools and Solutions

Powerful technology solutions helping you to meet care delivery requirements

Managing the growing complexities of a changing healthcare landscape can be challenging. By leveraging our powerful technology, we help you improve practice performance, optimize revenue and drive quality care.

Our centralized services provide a full range of integrated technology expertise and solutions that support all clinical, operational and financial aspects of your practice. With proactive management from our around-the-clock team of more than 100 IT engineers, you’ll feel confident knowing that help is always standing by if you need it.

Value-based success

Our electronic medical records software, OncoEMR, features the clinical content, interoperability and population health capabilities you need to achieve value-based success. And, to ensure practice needs are met, we provide implementation, customization, training and ongoing maintenance support.

Enhanced interoperability

Our practices are connected via shared technology and applications to enable operational efficiencies. With interoperability, data is easily exchanged, enabling clinical decision support to help ensure you provide your patients with the most advanced care.

Quality reporting and analytics

With customized and automated reporting, your practice can meet regulatory requirements and quality initiatives for value-based care with ease. Powerful analytics will optimize practice performance and drive better patient outcomes.

Patient engagement

Our patient portal helps you improve patient engagement. By providing secure online access and allowing patients to easily communicate with their care team, you’ll enable your patients to take a more active role in their care.

Telehealth services

Our telehealth solution offers streamlined navigation so you can easily be on time for scheduled virtual appointments. Connecting providers and patients is easy. You simply send patients a link that runs natively in a browser, no need for patients to download software or create an account. And just like with a traditional clinic visit, personal health information is protected and secure.

Secure and reliable

We provide a highly secure, redundant data center environment that guards against compromises to avoid interruption. With data centers designed to provide high availability, you’ll have access to reliable connectivity for practice solutions and applications.