• Care Coordination

Helping your patients successfully navigate the treatment process

Patients enrolled in either the Principal Care Management or Enhancing Oncology Model program will have access to care coordination services. Care coordination is a collaborative effort between you, your patients, their caregivers and the care team to develop and achieve the goals you determine together. The objective is to help manage your patients’ physical, psychosocial and emotional needs and to act as their primary contact.


Care coordinators will help your patients navigate their cancer experience from the very beginning. We understand how difficult this time can be and our goal is to reduce unnecessary stress and assist your patients in any way possible.

Proactive management & supportive care

Our care coordinators will establish a convenient call schedule so they can monitor your patients in between appointments and assist them with any needs or concerns. This supportive care helps to prevent and manage the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment.


Adequate nourishment to prepare and sustain your patients throughout their cancer treatments is important – patients who are nutritionally sound have improved outcomes. We provide nutrition consultations with a licensed nutritionist via telemedicine.

Family support

Our support services extend to family members and caregivers. Care coordinators help educate family members about the patient’s illness and treatment, and can offer community resources such as transportation, meals and shopping.


Your patients become survivors at the time of diagnosis and will continue to be survivors throughout their lifetimes. When cancer treatment is completed, a tailored plan of care will be developed to support them as they resume their regular schedule of activities and responsibilities.