• Helping You Deliver
    Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Mikahil pointing at laptop with interested patient.

Value-based care support

Once determined strictly by volume, reimbursement based on quality outcomes and practice efficiencies is rapidly becoming the norm. Through participation in the Principal Care Management program, we partner with you to help transform your practice to maximize compensation potential, improve quality outcomes and enhance your patients’ overall experience.

Cutting-edge clinical trials

We are committed to transforming patient care by advancing science through cutting-edge research. We have the expertise to help your practice begin or expand its participation in clinical research trials, so you can provide your patients with convenient access to the latest and most innovative therapies close to home.

By partnering with Sarah Cannon, a global leader in offering community-based clinical trials, we offer clinical trial options to patients across several locations within AON’s network of oncology practices.

Centralized pathology services

Complete, accurate and timely pathology reports are critical to cancer diagnosis and treatment. We provide centralized pathology services so you can make more informed clinical decisions and achieve the best possible patient outcomes. By pairing the highest quality hematopathology testing with our cutting-edge laboratory information system – directly integrated with our electronic medical records – we streamline operations and increase efficiencies.

In-house oral oncolytic pharmacy

The use of oral oncolytics in cancer treatment is fast growing. We provide in-house specialty pharmacy services for a complete, comprehensive care system. We remove barriers to treatment and help you keep your patients compliant with medication therapy. With real-time access to patient charts through our electronic medical records system, we’re able to stay in close contact to monitor therapies and to swiftly address any issues, ensuring each of your patients’ treatment is as effective as possible.

Office worker, Nancy, on an office phone.

Integrated care management

Providing integrated patient cancer care drives better outcomes and increases patient satisfaction. Care management services are provided by an experienced and compassionate care management team. Registered nurses are available Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. to assist your patients throughout their treatment and between appointments with symptom management and other psycho-social needs. Anytime access to personalized assistance also helps to minimize emergency room visits and hospitalizations.