Providing complete, accurate and timely diagnostic reports to you and your patients

While cancer patients rarely, if ever, interact with the skilled physicians who evaluate their cells and tissues, pathologists are integral members of the cancer care team. Our world-class pathologists serve and support you with specialized expertise that helps to inform and direct the very best care plan and clinical outcome for each patient you serve.

With a testing menu that currently includes flow cytometry, histology and immunohistochemistry, cytogenetics and FISH (fluorescence in-situ hybridization), our centralized approach to lab services and diagnostics yields numerous advantages to you and your patients.

Integrated patient care

Lab and staff are seamlessly integrated into daily patient care. You’ll be able to connect instantly with our pathologists via phone, email or secure text to discuss special testing requests, for in-depth review of lab reports or for general pathology questions.

Quality reporting

Our state-of-the-art electronic medical records system allows direct access to patient health information. Our staff know exactly why the testing has been ordered and what questions you need answered.

Exceptional turn-around times

Through consistent use of Lean and Six Sigma tools to engineer process improvements and efficiencies, turnaround times are superior to industry norms. With services centralized and streamlined, close to 100 percent of reports are issued within one week. Our goal is to have 75 percent of flow cytometry results reported out within 48 hours and nearly 100 percent within 72 hours.

Reduced patient anxiety, increased efficiencies

When a pathologist discovers that additional testing of a specimen is necessary to obtain a more precise diagnosis, appropriate requests can be made immediately, minimizing unnecessary testing and wait times for test results, for you and your patients.

Practice diversification

By providing you with access to new service lines such as pathology, we help to grow your practice financially, enabling new revenue streams.