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Providing the convenience of home delivery of oral cancer medications to your patients

The use of oral chemotherapy drugs in cancer treatment is rapidly increasing. To achieve optimal clinical outcomes, a close partnership among physicians, pharmacists and patients is vital. Our centralized state-of-the-art pharmacy works with you and your practice to ensure quality and safety and effective treatment outcomes for your patients.

With ready access to 99 percent of available oral oncolytics, medications are dispensed quickly and shipped directly to your patients’ homes. Skilled staff members coordinate insurance claims and even make connections to financial assistance programs.

Easy refills

We confirm every refill and coordinate any medication changes, so your patients never miss a dose. And since we are licensed in nearly all states, we can arrange delivery if patients are traveling away from home.

Medication management

Due to the complex nature of many specialty therapies, frequent and direct interaction with patients is critical. Our pharmacists interact with each patient to explain medications and proper usage and are available 24/7 to address any concerns that arise.

Administrative ease

Managing pharmacy services can be cumbersome and time-consuming for individual practices. We remove that burden by performing services such as prior authorizations and by helping patients obtain financial assistance where available to offset high financial costs.

Practice growth

By accessing new service lines such as pharmacy, we help you capture oral prescription revenue, enabling practice diversification.

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urac accredited
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