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Helping you deliver state-of-the-art technology to provide patients quality radiation therapy and imaging services

Radiology and radiation services provide accurate diagnosis and precise delivery of therapeutic interventions, enhancing patient outcomes and potentially reducing treatment-related side effects. Medical imaging procedures, such as computed tomography scans (CT) and positron emission tomography scans (PET), are used to identify and diagnose many different cancers and conditions. Mobile PET/CT units can also offer significant advantages for both you and your patients including increased accessibility to advanced imaging technology, especially in underserved or remote areas, reduced patient travel and wait times, and enhanced convenience. Radioligand therapeutics is a cutting-edge approach to cancer treatment that targets tumors with precision. We can assist you in setting up radiology and radiation services by providing comprehensive support tailored to your specific needs.

Procurement and planning

We can help you select and procure the most suitable radiology and radiation therapy equipment based on your practice’s requirements. Our vendor relationships and agreements allow the purchase of radiology and radiation therapy equipment at very favorable pricing and lease rates. Our project management team, with decades of combined experience in managing radiology and radiation site installations, can assist you in designing your new radiology and/or radiation therapy service to ensure optimal workflow and patient comfort.

Installation and training

We will oversee the installation and commissioning of the equipment, ensuring proper calibration and functionality. Comprehensive training programs will be provided to your staff, including radiologists, imaging technologists, radiation therapists and support personnel, to ensure proficiency in operating the equipment and delivering quality patient care. We can provide standard operating procedures and manage the necessary certifications, licenses and accreditations to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and best practices.

Continuous support

Our team will establish quality assurance protocols and provide ongoing maintenance support to ensure the reliable performance of your equipment and adherence to safety standards. Our dedicated support team will be available to address any technical issues, provide troubleshooting assistance and offer ongoing guidance to help optimize the performance of your radiology and radiation therapy services.

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