Genesis Cancer & Blood Institute Teams Up with American Oncology Network to Advance Quality Care, Improve Bottom Line

With two full-time centers in Arkansas, Genesis Cancer & Blood Institute has spent more than 30 years providing care to thousands of patients in Hot Springs and the surrounding communities. The organization approaches care with all aspects of treatment in mind by encouraging positive attitudes, improving medicinal and nutritional therapies and maintaining a warm and comfortable setting.

Genesis physicians emphasize clinical trials and education, and closely monitor results from trials performed domestically and internationally. Along with its dedication to research, Genesis Cancer & Blood Institute prioritizes community involvement. It works closely with Our Promise, a non-profit committed to helping local cancer patients with practical assistance, as well as the American Cancer Society and other charitable endeavors.

Like many provider groups in today’s lean healthcare climate, Genesis Cancer & Blood Institute must optimize use of resources to maintain economies of scale and improve overall quality performance. With five physicians and four nurse practitioners covering the organization’s two cancer centers and rural areas of Arkansas, Genesis faced challenges taking care delivery to the next level across its six satellite locations spread over a 200-mile radius.