American Oncology Network Advances Karyogram Segmentation and Increases the Speed to Results with New A.I. Software

The AON Central Lab is recognized as the first laboratory in the world to use this technology, which decreases analysis time.

FORT MYERS, Fla., May 15, 2024 American Oncology Network (AON) (Nasdaq: AONC), one of the nation’s fastest-growing community oncology networks, and the AON Central Lab are pleased to announce the implementation of the new cytogenetics A.I. software HiBand v8.4 for karyogram segmentation and classification. AON Central Lab is the first laboratory in the world to utilize this technology.

Cytogenetics A.I. leverages machine learning to screen chromosomes and genetic disorders in real time and then simultaneously segment and categorize them in a karyogram. The process increases efficiency and allows for expedited results processing, serving as a critical support tool in patient care and treatment decision-making.

“We are excited about the software and the benefits it provides to our team and patients,” said Curtiss McNair, AON’s vice president of laboratory services. “The software karyotypes every recognized metaphase, allowing for a swift and thorough analysis every time. Harnessing the power of the new software, we’ve decreased analysis time by 35% to 40%, freeing up our technologists to focus on reviewing additional metaphases for abnormality screening.”

Previously, the AON Central Lab relied on a previous software version that did not include A.I. algorithms. AON technologists meticulously segmented and manipulated chromosomes for karyotyping. The manual process slowed the lead time in which a patient received the results.

“We are committed to our patients, and our continuous goal with any process is to decrease the time between analysis and results so that our patients not only receive the findings within a reasonable timeframe but can take action quicker alongside their physician,” said Stephen “Fred” Divers, MD, AON’s chief medical officer. “This software supports us in accelerating analysis processing, which means faster diagnosis and treatment plans and improved patient outcomes. Above all, it results in significant efficiency gains for those involved, from our lab technologists to physicians and their patients.”

The AON Central Lab is recognized as the first laboratory in the world to integrate this version of HiBand into current clinical workflows. It is an innovative A.I. software from Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI), a global provider of brightfield, fluorescence, and spectral imaging solutions that leverage its GenASIs™ technology and algorithms for advanced diagnostics in cytogenetics and pathology.

This cutting-edge technology is currently unavailable to the public, making AON’s lab a true frontrunner in the industry.

“The implementation and adoption of the software comes from our lab’s participation in a recent study featured at the ACMG Conference,” said McNair. “The software has positioned us to deliver more advanced clinical services and patient care. It also illustrates our commitment to continuous improvement within community oncology. It has set us apart by offering patients quicker turnaround time for critical results.”

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