• American Oncology Cares

Get the financial support you and your family need to fight cancer.

As the number of individuals who are diagnosed with cancer increases, the funds available to financially support them decreases. American Oncology Cares provides essential non-medical financial assistance for adult cancer patients undergoing treatment.

Giving patients and their families peace of mind in knowing that essential living expenses like rent or mortgage, utilities, transportation, and food are being taken care of, allows them to focus on what matters – their health journey.

Patient Eligibility

  • Patient must be receiving active cancer treatment.
  • Patient must be at least 18 years old.
  • Patient’s household income must be at or below 200% of the U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines.

Qualified patients can receive a grant of up to $750 per calendar year.

Application review and processing takes up to 10 business days.

To apply for assistance for yourself or a loved one, visit charities.org/AONCares   


To Donate

  • Via credit card: AONcology.com/AONCares
  • By check:
    • Make check payable to “America’s Charities – Fiscal Agent” (TIN: 54‑1517707).
    • Enter “American Oncology Cares” on the memo line or include a letter that designates donation to the Fund. Provide a note or business card with the appropriate mailing address to which America’s Charities can send a letter acknowledging tax-deductible contribution.
    • Please mail check to:

      America’s Charities
      14200 Park Meadow Drive, Suite 330S
      Chantilly, VA 20151

  • Via Donor Advised Fund:
    • You can request a donation through your Donor Advised Fund provider by providing them with these details about America’s Charities (TIN: 54‑1517707). Please request the donation be made payable to “America’s Charities – Fiscal Agent”.
    • Enter American Oncology Cares on the memo line or include a letter that designates your donation to the Fund. Please request the check be mailed to:

      America’s Charities
      ATTN: CFMS/ American Oncology Cares
      14200 Park Meadow Drive, Suite 330S
      Chantilly, VA 20151

    • Please use this Link to Alert America’s Charities of your incoming donation.